Our Marketing Division provides customized services in packaging and collateral material to suit our products in the global market. Our approach in developing products includes the most up-to-date technology and product innovations. On a one-to-one basis our professional team devotes time and expertise to find the most suitable business solution.
It is a fact; our dedicated professional associates have formed a tight-knit team engaged in developing workable projects, by taking on the most ambitious challenges to satisfy our customers.
  • Defining a new product
  • Developing a new Brand Identity
  • Developing collateral material to support distribution and marketing strategies
  • Product Launch
  • Marketing Fulfillment: Print or Website
  • Brand or Product Performance Assessments
Our development team takes every project from inception to the final stage of a product creation. Additionally, our Designers and Developers will create custom product solutions to fit market demands and fit buyers budgets as well as demanding specifications.

Tropical Treets’ Food & Beverage Marketing Consultants
specialize in new products including everything necessary for quick-start and cost effective market roll out. Our expertise is derived from more than 20 years of intensive experience in all natural fruit beverages marketing and marketing consulting worldwide.

Services available:

  • Develop the products from your recipe or concept
  • Name the brand
  • Design the brand logo
  • Work with the highest qualified food technologists to develop your product
  • Secure the nutritional facts statement and list of ingredients
  • Obtain UPC codes and administer code assignments
  • Create and produce the packaging or label
  • Secure trade show space and help man the booth